Charles Thompson

University of Massachusetts Lowell | Lowell, MA | 1997

Charles Thompson Portrait Photo

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Dr. Thompson is a professor of electrical engineering at the University of Massachusetts-Lowell. He has established himself firmly as a role model and mentor for a diverse set of students in the Center for Advanced Computations and Telecommunications. He has demonstrated significant leadership in implementing substantive corporate programs targeted toward the success of underrepresented groups in the engineering professions. Nominated by AT&T Labs, his accomplishments include: Sustained mentoring and career counselling for 50 plus undergraduate and graduate students in addition to 24 doctoral candidates. Co-Director, Center for Advanced Computation and Telecommunications. Creating substantive changes in many institutions, increasing the success rates of persons from underrepresented groups in attaining engineering professional and advanced degrees. Impressive support letters from mentored students who have attained success across the country. Strong support from industry concerning mentoring program.