Denice Denton

University of Washington | Seattle, WA | 2003

Denice Denton Portrait Photo

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Dr. Denton, currently Dean of Engineering at the University of Washington, has a long history and a strong, national reputation in traditional and peer mentoring of students, and in the development of long-term mentoring programs, including special courses and workshops. Denton's mentoring efforts have involved students at all levels -- from K-12 to undergraduate and graduate students. She also works with her peers -- women and minority junior faculty, senior faculty and administrators. She has been very effective in helping them advance in their careers and in encouraging them to also become mentors. Her diverse methods also have been effective. 

In addition to developing programs and being a hands-on mentor, she has utilized her research, publications and presentations to reach and inspire other mentors and potential mentors on a national level. Dr. Denton has extensive experience and deep commitment to groups that are underrepresented in science and engineering at age levels at which the need for support is the greatest. She has created science and engineering projects for K-12 students and has worked with them on those projects; she has mentored college students of color as well as students with disabilities, although with slightly less impact, quantitatively, than for women.