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Junior Bernadin

Junior Bernadin

The Ron Clark Academy | Atlanta, Georgia | 2021
Over the past 14 years, Junior Bernadin has served as the director of IT and now serves as dean of students at the highly-acclaimed Ron Clark Academy (RCA). Along with his colleagues, he has helped train over 120,000 educators worldwide to learn better ways to engage students, increase academic excellence, and create a climate and culture for success. Junior expertise with House Systems has allowed to manage the global implementation of the Ron Clark Academy House System which is transforming schools around the world. In 2009, Junior organized students participating in RCA's Senior Tech program, a student-led program where seniors learn computer literacy skills. He also served as one of the mentors/coaches of RCA’s FIRST Lego Team; multiple STEM camps; Jr. Tech Engineer's Program; six-time National Champion Step Team; and six-time National Champion MATHCounts Video Challenge Team. In 2017, his students designed apps with others worldwide as part of a compassion-based engineering project called MAD About Mattering. In 2020 and 2021, Junior served as a teacher’s assistant for multiple cohorts of Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab’s classroom research pilots, which tested new artificial intelligence (AI) tools and methods for teaching AI material to K-12 students.